Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Workshop

Commercial UAV applications rely heavily on the position, velocity and timing information received from GPS/GNSS. From surveillance, through surveying and mapping, to spatial information acquisition and geophysics exploration, accurate and stable GNSS is vital for both developers and end users.

A key purpose of the PNT Workshop is to provide a platform in which professionals working on related technology and applications can share share insights on the latest developments of assured PNT solutions. Attendees involved in the design and production of commercial drones, autonomous vehicles and other products requiring navigation in challenging RF environments will demonstrate novel technologies and capabilities.

Exhibiting is an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and to develop new contacts. Presentations for the following categories are welcome:

  • Sensors and algorithms for path planning and optimization.
  • Pattern recognition and matching.
  • Sensors and Vision Processing Systems.
  • Functional devices and components.
  • Software, systems engineering and test and analysis tools.

Registration: In conjunction with DRONE Berlin 2020

Time: 26-27 May 2020