Drone.AI Track: thoughts about where Drone and AI intersect

Data captured by drones offer tremendous opportunities for creating business value. Large amounts of images, video, thermal images, LiDAR data about infrastructure stored in an enterprise data lake are a prime opportunity for image analytics along with complex event processing, IoT and AI to create opportunities for automation. Featuring ground-breaking solutions, unique manufacturing and business opportunities, Drone.AI track is a networking hub of creativity, vision and action. This specifically designed meeting point welcomes stakeholders who play an active role to deploy artificial intelligence technologies in drones.


  • Drone image and video data processing and analysis.
  • Computer vision, machine learning, and flight automation in drone technology.
  • Applications of combining AI and drones in various industries.

In-depth discussions will help sparking fresh ideas and fostering networking and the formation of new partnerships to create innovative drone products and services. if your company is dealing with the AI-powered solution for the next generation of drone technology, Drone.AI Track is made for you.

Registration: In conjunction with DRONE Berlin 2020

Time: 26-27 May 2020