Underwater Drones Symposium

‘Manufacturing, Technology and Applications’

In conjunction with DRONE Berlin 3
25-26 September 2018

The Underwater Drones Symposium is held in conjunction with DRONE Berlin 3, September 25-26, 2018, the international exhibition & conference on drone technology.

Underwater drones are playing an increasingly important role in several industries and constantly impacting underwater operations and some underwater drones are already being designed for use of consumers. The symposium will provide an open platform for industry professionals, researchers, stakeholders, and both current and prospective customers to exchange innovative ideas, present research results and development activities on underwater drones. The lively exhibit halls concurrently run with the DRONE Berlin will showcase the supply chain related products, services and technologies in the field of manufacturing, technology and applications.

We offer free speaking opportunities to the selected speakers based on expertise, company affiliation, speaking experience, and their knowledge of proposed topics. Companies that have reserved booth space will be given priority for speaking opportunities. If you would like to offer a presentation but are not going to be an exhibitor, please contact us to inquiry time slot availability.

We welcome proposals from individuals and teams with expertise in business or technology. For submission instruction, please refer to the regular Proposal Submission Guidelines. Note that if less proposals for the special session are accepted, the symposium session may be cancelled and the accepted speakers will go to regular conference programs.


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The suggested technical topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Design, build and operate underwater drones
  • Positioning & navigation
  • Sensing and Estimation
  • Vision systems
  • Communications
  • Motion control & maneuverability
  • Applications


Speaking fees & Rules
Exhibitor Free
Selected speaker proposal Free
Paid speaker 650,-€ for up to 30 minutes.
Price excludes tax (currently 19%)
  • Companies that have reserved booth space will be given priority for free speaking opportunities.
  • Each speaker will receive 15-30 minutes of presentation time.
  • Proposals and presentations must be in English either German.
  • DRONE Berlin reserves the sole right to select speaker based on topic.
  • All speakers get a free ticket to the conference and exhibition.
  • DRONE Berlin does not pay for a speaking fee. Travel related expenses, meals and ccommodations are the responsibility of the speaker.
  • If attendees are charged a fee, the speaker shall submit requests prior to the event for review and approval by DRONE Berlin.


Completing your submission
  • Complete the Submission Form.
  • Provide an abstract to describe the presentation in no more than 100 words and an image at 170 x 300 pixels (h x w) that represent the presentation.
  • Indicate an internet source (link to a video clip or a webpage) that represents your speaking proposal. This is referential to the review of your application.



If you are selected to speak at the event, you will be notified approximately 6-8 weeks prior to event.