Drone.AI Track - Technical Dialog for Vertical Integration

Implementing artificial intelligence for drones is a combination of mechanical devices, navigational instruments, and machine vision. The Drone.AI Track is geared toward learning and interactive discussion around challenging the status quo, using the latest generation of AI to your aerial data, thereby automating analysis, streamlining reporting, and accelerating your work. This specifically designed platform welcomes stakeholders who play an active role to deploy artificial intelligence technologies in drones, including, but not limited to Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Data Analysis, Motion Planning and fully Autonomous Flight. In-depth discussions will help sparking fresh ideas and fostering networking and the formation of new partnerships to create innovative drone products and services.

Are you a senior AI and Big Data executive focused on innovation and developing the next generation of drone solutions? Do cost and scale lead your list of priorities? Then you must attend the Drone.AI Track at DRONE Berlin 2020. Join your peers and executives of drone companies to discuss the latest innovations and business strategies for creating next-generation solutions to the challenges in AI-driven transformation, and exploring how organizations are scaling their businesses in today's market.

Registration: In conjunction with DRONE Berlin 2020

Time: 26-27 May 2020